Monthly Archives: October 2005

Particles based on Motion

Here an experiment which shows 256 particles on screen. They get actived by the motion of the user (Webcam needed). This experiment does not show the full power of the routine because there are only the particles flying around. You can (and that is the nice thing) calculate and interpolate motion vectors. I did this […]

AS3 MOD Tracker

I became addicted to chiptunes, wanted to upload them on my server and have a nice browsing tool. The result was this mod browser. Source of this crappy PHP code can be found in my stuff. Now ther is the ByteArray. You all probably know about the ByteArray since Tinic Uro presented an JPEG Encoder […]

Actionscript 3 – Up to 512 Particles

Here another particle experiment. I did this years ago in Flash7 and then made some tests with Flash8 using BitmapData, caching and especially the blendmodes. Now it is the time to do the same thing with the power of Actionscript3. When I did the particle thing in Flash8 I was really happy about my 32fps […]

How to use Sockets in Actionscript3?

After some kind of request it might be some time to explain detailed how I used the Socket in my IRC client. First of all I will explain how to bypass the securitymodel. I wrote about this before but I think it might be usefull to have it here again. First of all Flash does […]

Bumpmaps (AS3)

Another example here. Simple 2D bumpmap effect. There is just a problem with my environment map. I think it has to do with the accuracy of Number because the following returns NaN in most cases: [as] for ( var x: int = -0x80; x < 0x80; x++ ) { for ( var y: int = […]