AS3 MOD Tracker

ModTrackerI became addicted to chiptunes, wanted to upload them on my server and have a nice browsing tool. The result was this mod browser. Source of this crappy PHP code can be found in my stuff.

Now ther is the ByteArray. You all probably know about the ByteArray since Tinic Uro presented an JPEG Encoder and also a PNG Encoder. I like *.mod files and I know something about the format so why not writing a “mod decoder”?

I decided to do this because I hope there will be a Sound.fromByteArray() function or something like that in the end version of Flash Player 8 or 9. It would be cool to have theese very small songs being loaded and played during a game for example.

I’ll upload the sources when each effect of a note is also displayed (there is a misty bug). Just another thing to mention here: A real ModTracker would be no problem. You could edit your songs online and share them in a community. The only problem is you can not hear them :-/