Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tween engine comparison

I wrote a while ago about our tween engine at Hobnox but I did not post any performance demos. Here are the results for 1000 DisplayObjects with manipulation on their scaleX, scaleY, alpha, x, y and rotation properties. It is also very important that you take a look at the memory behaviour. A click starts […]

PixelBender Runtime Compilation

Tinic posted today his PixelBender assembler and disassembler. This makes me happy, because now I can post an experiment I could not show for a while. If you know PixelBender, than you know that you can not create loops. What you could do is unroll all constant loops with a fixed length. If you know […]

Compiling dependent SWF files

Last night I spent about 9 hours writing a build script for the AudioTool allowing us to compile each plugin into its own SWF container. I think it is the first time a Flash project is taking more than 5 minutes for me to compile completly. I figured out that it is definitly not easy […]