Monthly Archives: August 2009

UML generation using Dump

Dump has now another cool feature: UML diagram generation. The UML diagram is exported in DOT format. I think this is a really cool feature because the graph is built by analyzing a SWF file and you get it for free. I will probably create a different tool to make full use of the UML […]

Inheritance Graphs

The Dump tool is now able to export an inheritance graph for a given ABC/SWC/SWF file. This is a very easy and nice way to look at the classes and their relationships. The small image shows the graph for one ABC file of the AudioTool. I think this it is pretty neat. You will need […]

Dump Disassembler

A very important tool for SWF manipulation is a way to debug them and to have a look at the bytecode. Dump is a tool that does nothing else but listing all SWF Tags and ABC files the way Apparat represents them internally. I know that there are a lot of other tools out there. […]

Apparat is now Open Source

The full source code of Apparat is now available at GoogleCode. It is the whole framework behind TDSI and Reducer. Apparat is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please contact me if you want to contribute to this project. Maybe someone is interested in writing an Ant task for Reducer? I am also […]

Flirting With Silverlight

Lately a lot of discussion had the ActionScript language as its focus. People start complaining about complex language features but I think they are great because the end user will benefit from that. Yesterday evening I had my very first test with Silverlight — and I am really impressed. It took me a short amount […]