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Flash And Image Processing

During the last weeks I have thought about a completly new version of the image processing library. I have done lots of scribbling about what kind of features I want to have and which would be really cool. But there is still a big problem when it comes to dealing with image data in Flash. […]

Alchemy, ActionScript and the ASC

Ralph Hauwert put a very interesting blog post up no his blog about Adobe Alchemy. Basically he was reading my mind with this post. I want to a step further now. But please keep in mind that I am definitly not a compiler expert or have deep knowledge of the Flash Player. Everything I write […]

PixelBender Outline View

PixelBender Outline is a simple view for Eclipse. It allows you to browse through compiled PixelBender kernel files (pbj). Usually it is quite annoying when working with PixelBender. You always have to debug the shader if you did not write it yourself to know about parameters and stuff. The PixelBender Outline view allows you to […]


At the end of my FOTB session I wanted to show you my latest tool called AS3V. Time was short and there was a small glitch so I could not show it. But now I can explain what AS3V really is without having to rush. AS3V is basically a tool that can check for syntactical […]

AudioTool’s Private Parts Slides

Here are the slides from my Flash On The Beach 2008 session “AudioTool’s Private Parts”. 2mb without a prelaoder. You will need Flash Player 10 to pass through to version detection or you can save the SWF directly to disk and watch it with Flash Player 9.