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Upcomming Imageprocessing Library Release

I am sorry that I do not have much time theese days but I am planning to release a brandnew version of the imageprocessing library. This time I hope some of you already used it and have some ideas about improvements. Here is the plan for the new features: JPEG encoding (complete, using modified version […]

ImageProcessing Library (beta)

A first beta release of the imageprocessing library can be downloaded right now. I like to experiment with my webcam and images. This is a fast library with a couple of implemented algorithms. Have a try and tell me what you think about it. ImageProcessing Library ImageProcessing Library Documentation Updates: Added QuickSepia filter which is […]

ImageProcessing library

Got an idea what imageprocessing means? You always wanted to create som eyeToy like game, but it is a struggle to fight against bad lighting? You know that AS3 is fast. So what about some real-time imageprocessing? This is a personal point of interest and I had a lot of fun creating this library. It […]

AS3 WebCam LevelsCorrection (updated)

The imageprocessing-lab yields fruits. What you can see here is automatic levelscorrection applied on a 160×120 image. The fps decrease a little bit because I have to calculate the histogram three times. Two times for the histogram images and one time for the levels filter. So there would be another speed boost if the histograms […]

AS3 Imageprocessing library

Continuing with my work on some “research” releated to webcam and object recognitionI got a little bit addicted to imageprocessing. You can see some of a lot of working filters here. The latest beauty is the automatic levels correction by stretching the histogram. The auto-levels takes 250ms for a 640×480 px image which is not […]