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Collateral Damage

I am no longer committed to supporting any Flash related open-source projects. Here is why. When I started using the Flash Player it was quite easy to reach its limits. However you were able to get around those limitations with clever hacks and debatable optimization techniques. I was always keen to share my knowledge with […]

Apparat 1.0 RC7 Is Here

I wanted to make a simple bug fix release for Apparat since I solved some bugs and issues. However there are two additional features that are worth mentioning. First of all Apparat comes now with an ASMifier tool. This allows you to let Apparat generate code from an existing SWF. It will create a file […]

Disappointment No. 3

I created a couple of programs like AS3doc and AS3V. Both have never really gotten any adoption because I canceled their development. The reason was that Adobe shortly before or after I finished my tool released a competitive tool. Given the fact that I work fulltime on it is hard for me to find […]

PixelBender Support In Apparat

Since PixelBender is becomming a more popular technology in the Flash ecosystem I decided to add first-class Apparat support for it. As you might know I have done a couple of different tools for PixelBender already. When I switched to Linux a while ago I had to discover that there is no compiler for PixelBender […]

New Apparat Example

Good news everyone. The Apparat inline expansion works now to full extent after fixing some minor bugs. A complete example is also available. Just change the paths in the file and compile everything using Ant. Use the inline feature with care. Apparat does not try to optimize your code and performs nothing but dead […]