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Continuous Deployment

Much has already been said about Continuous Deployment. Etsy made it famous once and we integrated our own solution about two weeks ago. The reason why I integrated it into our system was quite simple: the only person who could perform a deploy was me. This was hindering the rest of the team of course. […]

First look at Dart

In this post I want to give you a short introduction to Google’s new language called Dart. Personally I am quite disappointed that Dart looks a lot like Java 8 with some tweaks here and there. Although the language is in its early stages I wonder why pattern matching was not a top-priority to the […]

Real-world functional Scala

If Java is a get shit done™​ language then Scala is a get shit done fast™​ language. The reason is that the signal to noise ratio is very high and that concise code is easier to reason about which makes it less error prone. When understanding Scala it is sometimes important to have a look […]

Endless scrolling with Lift

For the upcoming Audiotool 2.0 launch in collaboration with Burn I am developing our new website. The framework choice was quite obvious for me since I love Scala and really like Lift. Lift is very nice because of its excellent Ajax and Comet support. My main problem getting started with Lift was the lack of […]

Understanding Scala Implicits

Many languages make use of implicit conversions. Scala is the only language I know of which makes implicit definitions a feature. It is very easy to understand an implicit conversion since most programming languages do this already for you. Here are two examples (AS3/Java): trace(“Implicitly converted: “+1) System.out.println(“Implicitly converted: “+1);