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Factory Reset

Leaving something behind you is never easy when you put your whole heart into it. Five years of Audiotool have shaped me, taught me and left their scars. As of November 2012 I am no longer involved in the project and wish the team all the best and success in pursuing the democratization of music […]

Project Hiddenwood

This years FOTB was special. At the end of my session I showed a sneak preview of project Hiddenwood. I demonstrated complete playback of Audiotool tracks on stage — in a browser. Now that does not sound too special… But then again, the playback was done using JavaScript only and calculated in realtime. Audiotool is […]

Adobe MAX 2010 Opener

This year I had the honor to be part of the opener show for Adobe MAX 2010. I really appreciate that the people at Adobe working on the keynote took the risk to try this out. Mike Chambers asked me already in April this year if I would like to do it. He had the […]

FATC Awards

A couple of weeks ago the FlashAndTheCity conference took place in New York. Part of the program was also the FATC Awards ceremony. I am really happy, proud and thankful for winning two awards: “Most Talended Flash Developer of 2010” and “Best Contributor of 2010”. A big thank you goes out to the organizers and […]

We All Have To Agree

We’ve been there before, and intermediate layers between the platform and the developer ultimately produces sub-standard apps and hinders the progress of the platform. That is so right. The first thing that comes to my mind is Java on the Mac: sub-standard, castrated and broken. The second argument is even better. Intermediate layers can hinder […]