Development Tools

During my time as a Flash developer with a focus on ActionScript 3 I have developed several tools helping me to optimize my daily workflow.

Most projects have been released as open-source and include some information about ActionScript, the SWF file format or the Flash Player.


PBDT is an Eclipse plug-in that allows you to edit and compile shaders directly in Eclipse which means you can integrate PixelBender now into your normal workflow.


With the MetaLaunch Eclipse plug-in you can group multiple launch configurations into a single one.

PixelBender Outline

PixelBender Outline is an Eclipse plugin working with FDT only. It allows the developer to dig through the parameters and meta data of a compiled kernel (*.pbj files). It is always a mess to get to the parameter information of external shaders. PixelBender Outline makes the development with compiled PixelBender files much easier.


AS3C is a post-compile time compiler and optimizer allowing the developer to access the ABC (ActionScript Bytecode) directly. Therefore AS3C transforms predefined ActionScript commands into their bytecode representation.

The AS3C development has been discarded due to the fact of Adobe making the ASC (ActionScript compiler) and SDK open source.


FlashMate is my favorite tool in the daily workflow. It is a quiet small program you will not notice. It is only there to remember the size and position of the Flash Player window individually for SWF files.


FlashHunter kills all running instances of the Flash Player. It comes as an Eclipse plug-in or stand-alone .NET application.


This tool has been developed in order to allow the documentation of code before ASDoc has been announced and released by Adobe.

AS3Doc has been discarded because of a more robust implementation by Adobe.