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Rasselbock Recordings

Besides implementing OggVorbis I was working on an effect for a while. It is called the Rasselbock and will probably not make it into the next launch but since I love the device so much I have some top-secret recordings of what that little guy can do. It is basically an IDM/glitch-type effect unit with […]

8bitboy on steroids

Remember the 8bitboy? It was our first application to test how good dynamic audio works in the Flash Player. It was also the very first application we ported to test the new Flash Player 10 audio capabilities. Here is the Astro version. I was very happy when I ported the 8bitboy because it was very […]

8bitboy – Back to the roots :o)

Finally AndrĂ© Michelle posted an article about the top-secret world’s most shocking rich-internet-application ever. Ladys and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the 8bitboy. Since I really like 8bit music I am happy, proud and estatic to find some pieces of my own code in this project. It was very hard to get AndrĂ© working […]