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Introducing JITB

My talk at FITC San Francisco is over and I want to share some of the anouncements from today with you. At the end of my talk I was showing JITB. What you see in the YouTube video I posted a while ago is a Java program executing a SWF. For FITC I added some […]

The Advantage Of ActionScript

Despite the fact that ActionScript has a couple of major glitches and missconceptions I think there are also a couple of great key features that force you to write better applications due to the language design. First of all we have to aknowledge that ActionScript has some great features. Those include implicit getters and setters […]

Massive amounts of 3D particles without Alchemy and PixelBender

As a response to Ralph Hauwert’s article I created a little example of what can be achieved using plain ActionScript 3 syntax. Ralph has put up a great example of how you can wire things like Alchemy, ActionScript and PixelBender together to achieve an astonishing result. However I asked myself if it is possible to […]

ActionScript Wiki

I started an ActionScript Wiki at http://wiki.joa-ebert.com/ with most of the articles from my old optimizations paper and some new stuff. See it as a knowledge base for ActionScript optimization techniques, data structures and code snippets. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for articles in those or other categories. ActionScript Wiki

Alchemy, ActionScript and the ASC

Ralph Hauwert put a very interesting blog post up no his blog about Adobe Alchemy. Basically he was reading my mind with this post. I want to a step further now. But please keep in mind that I am definitly not a compiler expert or have deep knowledge of the Flash Player. Everything I write […]