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Collateral Damage

I am no longer committed to supporting any Flash related open-source projects. Here is why. When I started using the Flash Player it was quite easy to reach its limits. However you were able to get around those limitations with clever hacks and debatable optimization techniques. I was always keen to share my knowledge with […]

Adobe MAX 2010 Opener

This year I had the honor to be part of the opener show for Adobe MAX 2010. I really appreciate that the people at Adobe working on the keynote took the risk to try this out. Mike Chambers asked me already in April this year if I would like to do it. He had the […]

Euro Invasion At MAX 2009

Since the news has spread pretty quickly I want to shed some light on this as well. Influxis has invited a lot of European Flash developers to come to LA and attend Adobe MAX 2009. Those include Seb Lee Delisle, Ralph Hauwert, Mario Klingemann, Andre Michelle and me. I was absolutely overwhelmed when I heard […]

Sneak peak: PixelBender Development Tool

Because the PixelBender Toolkit editor is very annoying I started writing my own some weeks ago. All I want to have is a more comfortable way to write shaders in PixelBender and I think I have achieved that already but once you start doing something you want to implement even more features until you are […]

Flash And Image Processing

During the last weeks I have thought about a completly new version of the image processing library. I have done lots of scribbling about what kind of features I want to have and which would be really cool. But there is still a big problem when it comes to dealing with image data in Flash. […]