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TDSI Examples

Everyone likes examples. So here are three examples using TDSI. The archive includes a ready-to-go FDT project with post-compile ANT tasks configured. Example01 This is the old code of the already optimized attractor using the Memory API instead of a Vector.<uint>. Example02 In this case there exists no Particle class at all and no linked […]


I am definitly not good at choosing names for software projects. However TurboDieselSportInjection is a release of my experiments from yesterday. It is a spinoff from the whole framework and allows you to inline __bytecode and of course to use the new Memory API. Hopefully you are kind enough to provide me with some feedback. […]

Massive amounts of 3D particles without Alchemy and PixelBender

As a response to Ralph Hauwert’s article I created a little example of what can be achieved using plain ActionScript 3 syntax. Ralph has put up a great example of how you can wire things like Alchemy, ActionScript and PixelBender together to achieve an astonishing result. However I asked myself if it is possible to […]

Alchemy, ActionScript and the ASC

Ralph Hauwert put a very interesting blog post up no his blog about Adobe Alchemy. Basically he was reading my mind with this post. I want to a step further now. But please keep in mind that I am definitly not a compiler expert or have deep knowledge of the Flash Player. Everything I write […]