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Collateral Damage

I am no longer committed to supporting any Flash related open-source projects. Here is why. When I started using the Flash Player it was quite easy to reach its limits. However you were able to get around those limitations with clever hacks and debatable optimization techniques. I was always keen to share my knowledge with […]

A Year Of Scala

About a year ago I started using Scala. A programming language I felt in love with after all. The one and only programming language that started making me smile when I was happy to see how elegant I can express my ideas. I have been trying to spread the word about Scala during various Flash […]

Apparat 1.0 RC7 Is Here

I wanted to make a simple bug fix release for Apparat since I solved some bugs and issues. However there are two additional features that are worth mentioning. First of all Apparat comes now with an ASMifier tool. This allows you to let Apparat generate code from an existing SWF. It will create a file […]

Opening The Blackbox

The Flash Player is to many of us developers a blackbox. We use it every day in our job but do not really know much about it. Of course we do not have to understand its inner workings but it is sometimes very interesting to know more a little bit about specific implementation details.

How JITB converts ActionScript to Java

One of the biggest challenges when writing a program like JITB is to convert ActionScript to Java. There are major differences between ActionScript 3.0 and Java 1.6 which JITB currently targets. ActionScript 3.0 is a dynamically typed language with function closures. Furthermore it has native XML support, scope-changes, implicit getters and setters etc. The main […]