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Apparat RC6: Say Hello To An Old Friend

Patrick Le Clec’h is an active committer to the Apparat project and recently we just merged his work into the main branch. With a couple of other changes this is now a good time for another release candidate. Patrick added a good old friend to Apparat: The __asm function. You might remember __asm from my […]

Alchemy for ActionScript

Today I had to do something else than backend development and since FOTB is getting closer and I could not really continue working on TAAS I decided to add something which is easy to implement and has a huge benifit: Alchemy support in ActionScript. So what is the idea? TAAS is part of a framework […]

Leaving The Sandbox

If you have been following me on Twitter you might have figured out that I am working on a new project. During the last couple of months I have learned a lot in terms of code analysis and optimizations. And I am not talking about ActionScript optimizations — this is as interesting as a piece […]

AS3C — take a look inside

I have started working on AS3C at the end of last year. After a quick prototype the development stagnated and I added just several fixes and tests to the code. Basically I started AS3C as a complete C# newcommer and because of that the code is very ugly. Due to the fact that I do […]

AS3 compiler open-source: the logical consequences

With the release of the Flex 3 SDK the ActionScript compiler (ASC) became open-source as well. As you know I am working on my own “compiler” to inline bytecode directly with ActionScript. My approach is a post-compile compiler because I wrote it while the ASC was still closed source and ther was no way to […]