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Disappointment No. 3

I created a couple of programs like AS3doc and AS3V. Both have never really gotten any adoption because I canceled their development. The reason was that Adobe shortly before or after I finished my tool released a competitive tool. Given the fact that I work fulltime on audiotool.com it is hard for me to find […]

This is an outrage!

First of all I think I have to clarify at least one thing. I have criticised Adobe in the past for a lof of reasons. Not because I do not like them or the technologies they produce but because I want to improve the Flash Platform. This is of course pure self-interest since Flash is […]

Good bye AS3Doc – Hi ASDoc

Adobe released ASDoc. An Actionscript3 documentation tool. The official Flex 2 Language Reference has been created with ASDoc. No need to work on AS3Doc any longer. I must say that I really like Adobes attitude about the Flex2 SDK, a free documentation tool and all the free APIs. Great work!

AS3 Doc dying?

Finally I found a list of supported MXML metadata tags. It was a struggle to get there. When I started to write this post I wanted to say, that I can not work on this without a list of all tags. But there it is. I am fine. I hope a first beta will be […]

As3 Documentation Tool Preview

Here is a preview of current html output. As you can see the classes show in the classes-list the name of their base-class which is wrong. The general output idea is based on LiveDocs and I hope you will not miss any feature. From code to Html. Start creation of Xml using “as3toxml input classpath […]