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Compiling ActionScript In The Enterprise

If you ask me if ActionScript is ready for the enterprise then this question is hard to answer. Every fairly huge codebase requires some maintenance. You will have to figure out a strategy to identify modules and separate them. You will also have to handle the dependencies between modules. Last but not least you have […]

This is an outrage!

First of all I think I have to clarify at least one thing. I have criticised Adobe in the past for a lof of reasons. Not because I do not like them or the technologies they produce but because I want to improve the Flash Platform. This is of course pure self-interest since Flash is […]

A Simple Method And Taas

I just want to share with you how Taas can actually optimize code and what happens behind the scenes. So in my last post I talked about stackless code and optimizations that are possible but how does it work at all? Imagine you have got this ActionScript code: var x: Number = 1.0; var y: […]

The return of AS3V

In September 2008 I started working on a tool called AS3V. The goal of AS3V was to parse source code and to check the code against a set of rules. My main problem with the first attempt of AS3V was that I used ANTLR. ANTLR is a great tool to create a compiler but for […]

Alchemy, ActionScript and the ASC

Ralph Hauwert put a very interesting blog post up no his blog about Adobe Alchemy. Basically he was reading my mind with this post. I want to a step further now. But please keep in mind that I am definitly not a compiler expert or have deep knowledge of the Flash Player. Everything I write […]