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Factory Reset

Leaving something behind you is never easy when you put your whole heart into it. Five years of Audiotool have shaped me, taught me and left their scars. As of November 2012 I am no longer involved in the project and wish the team all the best and success in pursuing the democratization of music […]

Continuous Deployment

Much has already been said about Continuous Deployment. Etsy made it famous once and we integrated our own solution about two weeks ago. The reason why I integrated it into our system was quite simple: the only person who could perform a deploy was me. This was hindering the rest of the team of course. […]

Project Hiddenwood

This years FOTB was special. At the end of my session I showed a sneak preview of project Hiddenwood. I demonstrated complete playback of Audiotool tracks on stage — in a browser. Now that does not sound too special… But then again, the playback was done using JavaScript only and calculated in realtime. Audiotool is […]

Software Transactional Memory and Audiotool

I have tweeted a while ago about the fact that Audiotool does heavily rely on a so called software transactional memory. In this blog post I want to discuss the implementation of our STM and why it is useful. Wikipedia defines STM as: In computer science, software transactional memory (STM) is a concurrency control mechanism […]

Audiotool 1.0

We have finally released the first version of the Audiotool. I am very thankful for all the kind tweets and happy that our work is now available to the public. However the current version is named Firestarter for a reason. What you see online is just the tip of the iceberg. I can not wait […]