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How JITB converts ActionScript to Java

One of the biggest challenges when writing a program like JITB is to convert ActionScript to Java. There are major differences between ActionScript 3.0 and Java 1.6 which JITB currently targets. ActionScript 3.0 is a dynamically typed language with function closures. Furthermore it has native XML support, scope-changes, implicit getters and setters etc. The main […]


I am definitly not good at choosing names for software projects. However TurboDieselSportInjection is a release of my experiments from yesterday. It is a spinoff from the whole framework and allows you to inline __bytecode and of course to use the new Memory API. Hopefully you are kind enough to provide me with some feedback. […]

Alchemy for ActionScript

Today I had to do something else than backend development and since FOTB is getting closer and I could not really continue working on TAAS I decided to add something which is easy to implement and has a huge benifit: Alchemy support in ActionScript. So what is the idea? TAAS is part of a framework […]

A Simple Method And Taas

I just want to share with you how Taas can actually optimize code and what happens behind the scenes. So in my last post I talked about stackless code and optimizations that are possible but how does it work at all? Imagine you have got this ActionScript code: var x: Number = 1.0; var y: […]