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Compiling Java and C# to SWF

At the end of my Leaving the Sandbox session I showed two projects I have been working on without telling anyone. The first was a compiler that could compile C# to SWF. The second was another compiling being able to compile Java to SWF. First of all I have to say that both tools are […]

Flirting With Silverlight

Lately a lot of discussion had the ActionScript language as its focus. People start complaining about complex language features but I think they are great because the end user will benefit from that. Yesterday evening I had my very first test with Silverlight — and I am really impressed. It took me a short amount […]

AS3C — take a look inside

I have started working on AS3C at the end of last year. After a quick prototype the development stagnated and I added just several fixes and tests to the code. Basically I started AS3C as a complete C# newcommer and because of that the code is very ugly. Due to the fact that I do […]

FlashHunter Deluxe

FlashHunter has been used by actually one person: Michael Baczynski. He asked me at the FFK08 in Germany if I could modify the plugin to give him a global keyboard hook which will kill all instances of the Flash Player including the debugger. So here it is: The FlashHunter Deluxe. Just for you Michael :) […]


FlashHunter is a neat Eclipse plug-in I wrote that allows you to kill all running Flash player instances with a single click. Two days ago I was implementing the fast Fourier transformation in Flash and I had a stupid error that caused an endless loop. Since I am testing with the standalone player the only […]