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Sound.extract() rocks!

When Tinic Uro was implementing the dynamic audio features he was also giving us a very nice present called Sound.extract(). And it is simply awesome! I wrote a simple experiment yesterday night using the popforge library. Yes — you can use it still with the new features and it is a great help. I just […]

8bitboy on steroids

Remember the 8bitboy? It was our first application to test how good dynamic audio works in the Flash Player. It was also the very first application we ported to test the new Flash Player 10 audio capabilities. Here is the Astro version. I was very happy when I ported the 8bitboy because it was very […]

Simple Astro synthesizer

Here is a simple example how to write your own synthesizer in Astro with multiple voices and a simple ADSR envelope. I thought I write it so that not everybody is posting hurtful high-frequency oscillators. You will see why latency really matters when programming audio applications once you start pressing some keys. It is not […]

Adobe is awesome

Adobe released today the beta of the Flash Player 10 on its labs website. Among a couple of really great features is also one that made my day. Dynamic Sound Generation — Dynamic sound generation extends the Sound class to play back dynamically created audio content through the use of an event listener on the […]