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AS3V For Ant Released

Since I started the development of some other library I completly put AS3V aside because the Eclipse integration with FDT is currently not possible. But since AS3V is working already I decided to release a version really quick that allows you to use AS3V as an Ant Task or simply from command line. I know […]

AS3V Preview

Here is the first preview of what AS3V looks like in Eclipse. I have written about 30 rules which include cyclomatic complexity checks and unreachable code detection. Most of the time was getting AS3V to link against the asc.jar from the Flex SDK inside Eclipse which is a real nightmare if you ever tried that […]

MetaLaunch For Eclipse

Ever wanted to start multiple launchers with one single click in Eclipse? MetaLaunch will solve this issue. Just select the launchers you want to start and then change the order to fit your needs. You can also select to launch those tasks sequential or in a one shot. Unfortunately I have not figured out yet […]

PBDT with basic refactoring

PBDT has a new feature which is basic refactoring. Simply select the variable you want to rename and press Alt+Shift+R or select “Rename” from the context menu. There are currently two issues with refactoring. If the refactoring entry in the context menu is disabled please select the variable and try again. The same for the […]

PixelBender on Linux

Here is a nice tutorial that explains how to get PixelBender to work on Linux systems. Adobe offers just a Mac and Windows version of the toolkit. But using PBDT in combination with Wine allows PixelBender to work on Linux systems. How cool is that? I also updated the PBDT plug-in to get rid of […]