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Compiling ActionScript In The Enterprise

If you ask me if ActionScript is ready for the enterprise then this question is hard to answer. Every fairly huge codebase requires some maintenance. You will have to figure out a strategy to identify modules and separate them. You will also have to handle the dependencies between modules. Last but not least you have […]

AS3V For Ant Released

Since I started the development of some other library I completly put AS3V aside because the Eclipse integration with FDT is currently not possible. But since AS3V is working already I decided to release a version really quick that allows you to use AS3V as an Ant Task or simply from command line. I know […]

Semantic Highlightning For PBDT

PBDT has now support for semantic highlightning. Thanks to the FDT guys again for answering a lot of Eclipse releated questions. Semantic highlightning works currently with parameters, input and output declarations and for defined preprocessor directives. Just have a look at the screenshot. I have also integrated complete color preferences support. If you go to […]

Windows Eclipse Configuration For FDT

After a lot of trouble with the Eclipse IDE I switched my JVM last night to JRockit and everything seems to be much faster now. If you have a Windows machine and an Intel CPU I can only suggest you to try the same. I do not know if all settings are completly correct but […]

Sneak peak: PixelBender Development Tool

Because the PixelBender Toolkit editor is very annoying I started writing my own some weeks ago. All I want to have is a more comfortable way to write shaders in PixelBender and I think I have achieved that already but once you start doing something you want to implement even more features until you are […]