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ffk06: the demo

I announced some weeks ago that I am currently working on a demo. It is done. Finally. Some demo features: Sound- and tickbased hybrid event sytem Spectrum analysis for real-time effect generation Raycast engine Perspective correct texturemapping Voxelscroller with real-time terrain generation Watch the demo! The demo has been optimized to work in the stand-alone […]

Lectures online

Lectures are now online. The archive includes the demo plus source-codes of irc client, imageprocessing and some more.


The FlashForum Konferenz 2006 is over now and I had a very nice stay in Germany. Thanks again to Sascha Wolter and Marc Thiele for organizing this event. Persons from other countries might be interested in source-codes as well. I will post the stuff on my blog and inside the Flashforum. Actually first I have […]

Flashforum Konferenz 2006

I will attend the german FFK06 this year. I am also very happy that I may hold two sessions. The first will be about new AS3 techniques and possibilities and the second one about optimizations and performance regarding the new AVM2.