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So I Recorded A New Video

This time recorded on Ubuntu. Did I mention 64bit already? Do not miss my session at FOTB for a live demo.

Putting Things In Perspective

I am back home in Germany from my trip to San Francisco where I initially announced JITB at FITC. I did not expect it to get around that quickly and that a quick-and-dirty video filmed with my phone would get so much coverage. I want to put a lot of things regarding JITB in perspective […]

The Advantage Of ActionScript

Despite the fact that ActionScript has a couple of major glitches and missconceptions I think there are also a couple of great key features that force you to write better applications due to the language design. First of all we have to aknowledge that ActionScript has some great features. Those include implicit getters and setters […]

Infinite Lies

What you have told us is rubbish. The “open web” is really an acronym for Apple’s cash cow supported on the back of a giant tortoise lie. But Steve Jobs said that Flash is responsible for most of the OS X crashes! You are very clever, young man, very clever. But it is lies all […]

Experimenting with Midi

This evening Kai-Philipp and me were playing around with the Hobnox Audiotool to test some of the upcomming Midi features. In the middle of the performance we lost the connection to the little cubes and had to restart the Midi bridge between Flash and the devices. It is still in an early stage but a […]