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Leaving The Sandbox

If you have been following me on Twitter you might have figured out that I am working on a new project. During the last couple of months I have learned a lot in terms of code analysis and optimizations. And I am not talking about ActionScript optimizations — this is as interesting as a piece […]

AudioTool’s Private Parts Slides

Here are the slides from my Flash On The Beach 2008 session “AudioTool’s Private Parts”. 2mb without a prelaoder. You will need Flash Player 10 to pass through to version detection or you can save the SWF directly to disk and watch it with Flash Player 9. http://www.joa-ebert.com/swfs/lectures/fotb08 http://www.joa-ebert.com/files/swf/lectures/fotb08.swf

Tween engine comparison

I wrote a while ago about our tween engine at Hobnox but I did not post any performance demos. Here are the results for 1000 DisplayObjects with manipulation on their scaleX, scaleY, alpha, x, y and rotation properties. It is also very important that you take a look at the memory behaviour. A click starts […]

Audiotool wins at FlashForward

Last friday was an awesome day. It was my birthday, Microsoft released Photosynth which is a product I have been watching since two years and we won the FlashForward Award in the category Sound with our Audiotool. The Audiotool development became a very interesting topic. We implemented so many things to keep stuff optimized not […]