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Yay, the AudioTool made it on the WIRED blog. Read the article here. I am also happy that the author is mentioning the Adobe, MAKE SOME NOISE campaign. It means people begin to understand how important it is to include dynamic audio capabilities in Flash so that we can get rid of our Java server. […]

AudioTool Update

Hooray! The Hobnox AudioTool has been updated. You will find the TR-808 now and also some of our new stompboxes like the Compressor and Crusher. The mixer has also been expanded to cover 16 channels. There is a lot more stuff in the pipe and I am really excited about it. Developing the timeline and […]

Hobnox Audiotool Basics

Did not get an invite for Hobnox yet? Well then suffer! The first video tutorial for the Hobnox Audiotool has been released. Have fun watching …