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Hobnox Open Source

I am proud to announce that we are finally able to release some of our frameworks as open source. It has been a while and we talked very often about this topic. Today at the FlashForum Conference in Cologne I had the honor to show our open source hub to the public for the first […]

AudioTool Update With ToneMatrix

We have release a small update of the AudioTool and included AndrĂ©’s ToneMatrix. Some features that have been implemented in the last weeks are online as well. Removing an effect for instance will not destroy the cables. The desktop scales now without interrupting the audio output and various other performance tweaks have been made.

Graphs and a floating world

When you are implementing a pathfinding algorithm you have usually some sort of defined map available. This is in most cases a tile map or a graph of nodes. If you have no nodes and no tiles you have two options: build a graph of nodes or put your smooth environment into a raster with […]

Rasselbock loves the Lemur

This is what you can get when you combine a Lemur with the AudioTool and map some controls to the Rasselbock. I really hope that we can release the Midi feature to the public soon because it is just so much fun!

AudioTool On A TouchScreen

Comming into the office and seeing a video like this makes me really happy and proud.