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New Apparat Example

Good news everyone. The Apparat inline expansion works now to full extent after fixing some minor bugs. A complete example is also available. Just change the paths in the build.properties file and compile everything using Ant. Use the inline feature with care. Apparat does not try to optimize your code and performs nothing but dead […]

Macro Expansion

Apparat has another new feature called Macro Expansion. I talked about this with Nico Zimmermann at FFK in Cologne. Nico was using TDSI for a project but he was not very satisfied with it because you have to inline all inverse-square root tricks manually. This is why Apparat has now macro expansion. I am actually […]


I am definitly not good at choosing names for software projects. However TurboDieselSportInjection is a release of my experiments from yesterday. It is a spinoff from the whole framework and allows you to inline __bytecode and of course to use the new Memory API. Hopefully you are kind enough to provide me with some feedback. […]

Alchemy for ActionScript

Today I had to do something else than backend development and since FOTB is getting closer and I could not really continue working on TAAS I decided to add something which is easy to implement and has a huge benifit: Alchemy support in ActionScript. So what is the idea? TAAS is part of a framework […]