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Rasselbock loves the Lemur

This is what you can get when you combine a Lemur with the AudioTool and map some controls to the Rasselbock. I really hope that we can release the Midi feature to the public soon because it is just so much fun!

Hobnox Java MIDI SPI for OS X

Everyone who worked with Java and MIDI was having problems when it comes to MIDI support on Mac OS X. It is simply not supported. So we were running into the same issue. Luckily Java has two nice features. The first is called Service Provider Interface (SPI) which allows you to create your own provider […]

Experimenting with Midi

This evening Kai-Philipp and me were playing around with the Hobnox Audiotool to test some of the upcomming Midi features. In the middle of the performance we lost the connection to the little cubes and had to restart the Midi bridge between Flash and the devices. It is still in an early stage but a […]