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ffk06: the demo

I announced some weeks ago that I am currently working on a demo. It is done. Finally. Some demo features: Sound- and tickbased hybrid event sytem Spectrum analysis for real-time effect generation Raycast engine Perspective correct texturemapping Voxelscroller with real-time terrain generation Watch the demo! The demo has been optimized to work in the stand-alone […]


It was definitly not my time when demos were so popular. But it is fun to create something like that because of speed optimizations, different techniques and of course the eyecandy. I looked around the web and found the Demo Effects Collection which is a site that lists a lot of oldschool demo effects. I […]

8bitboy – Back to the roots :o)

Finally AndrĂ© Michelle posted an article about the top-secret world’s most shocking rich-internet-application ever. Ladys and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the 8bitboy. Since I really like 8bit music I am happy, proud and estatic to find some pieces of my own code in this project. It was very hard to get AndrĂ© working […]