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Collateral Damage

I am no longer committed to supporting any Flash related open-source projects. Here is why. When I started using the Flash Player it was quite easy to reach its limits. However you were able to get around those limitations with clever hacks and debatable optimization techniques. I was always keen to share my knowledge with […]

Disappointment No. 3

I created a couple of programs like AS3doc and AS3V. Both have never really gotten any adoption because I canceled their development. The reason was that Adobe shortly before or after I finished my tool released a competitive tool. Given the fact that I work fulltime on audiotool.com it is hard for me to find […]

TAAS As A Decompiler

The TAAS compiler is different from the ActionScript compiler since its input is not ActionScript source code but already compiled SWF or SWC files. Just like the haXe compiler can output AS3 instead of a SWF the TAAS compiler can do the same. Now if you add one and one together you see that the […]

After The Sandbox

In 2006 I got invited to the FlashForum Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was my very first Flash conference and my topic was AS3 code optimization. I have talked a lot about bitwise operators, lookup tables and other techniques to speed your code up. Now about three years later I wanted to prepare a very […]

Apparat is now Open Source

The full source code of Apparat is now available at GoogleCode. It is the whole framework behind TDSI and Reducer. Apparat is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please contact me if you want to contribute to this project. Maybe someone is interested in writing an Ant task for Reducer? I am also […]