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Another spinoff from my current library to optimize SWF/SWC files. Reducer is a tool that will make SWF and SWC files significantly smaller. There is currently a huge problem with filesizes. If you use the [Embed] tag with PNG images they are not compressed at all. For the Hobnox AudioTool we have been using the […]

ActionScript Wiki

I started an ActionScript Wiki at http://wiki.joa-ebert.com/ with most of the articles from my old optimizations paper and some new stuff. See it as a knowledge base for ActionScript optimization techniques, data structures and code snippets. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions for articles in those or other categories. ActionScript Wiki

Tweening and object pools

Some days ago I was writing a tween engine for our library here at Hobnox and when I was comparing it with the other ones out there which are quiet popular (Tweener, TweenLite) I was pretty surprised that my engine was performing about 10fps faster than TweenLite when tweening 1000 objects. It was 40fps for […]

ActionScript 3 optimization techniques

If you attended my session about bytecode inlining at FITC Toronto you might remember that I said I have a document covering a lot of common optimization techniques. After talking to so many of you and getting nice feedback I decided to release it in a state which is a work in progress. My main […]

Converting a Number to 4 bytes and vice versa

For the hell of it I wanted to implement the fast inverse square-root that has been flying around in the Quake3 source-code for instance. Fantastic game by the way. There has been quiet a lot of talk about this algorithm. So can we do that with Flash? No we can not. It would be nice […]