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This is an outrage!

First of all I think I have to clarify at least one thing. I have criticised Adobe in the past for a lof of reasons. Not because I do not like them or the technologies they produce but because I want to improve the Flash Platform. This is of course pure self-interest since Flash is […]

Semantic Highlightning For PBDT

PBDT has now support for semantic highlightning. Thanks to the FDT guys again for answering a lot of Eclipse releated questions. Semantic highlightning works currently with parameters, input and output declarations and for defined preprocessor directives. Just have a look at the screenshot. I have also integrated complete color preferences support. If you go to […]

PBDT with basic refactoring

PBDT has a new feature which is basic refactoring. Simply select the variable you want to rename and press Alt+Shift+R or select “Rename” from the context menu. There are currently two issues with refactoring. If the refactoring entry in the context menu is disabled please select the variable and try again. The same for the […]

PixelBender on Linux

Here is a nice tutorial that explains how to get PixelBender to work on Linux systems. Adobe offers just a Mac and Windows version of the toolkit. But using PBDT in combination with Wine allows PixelBender to work on Linux systems. How cool is that? I also updated the PBDT plug-in to get rid of […]