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JITB’s PixelBender support

I have demoed support for PixelBender shaders in JITB at the FOTB 2010 conference. It turned out that JITB can run PixelBender code really fast and well. I have demoed a Julia and Terrain raytracer which were both kindly contributed by David Lenaerts. I only showed the demos since I would have been running out […]

PixelBender Support In Apparat

Since PixelBender is becomming a more popular technology in the Flash ecosystem I decided to add first-class Apparat support for it. As you might know I have done a couple of different tools for PixelBender already. When I switched to Linux a while ago I had to discover that there is no compiler for PixelBender […]

Semantic Highlightning For PBDT

PBDT has now support for semantic highlightning. Thanks to the FDT guys again for answering a lot of Eclipse releated questions. Semantic highlightning works currently with parameters, input and output declarations and for defined preprocessor directives. Just have a look at the screenshot. I have also integrated complete color preferences support. If you go to […]

PBDT Release

I just released my PixelBender plug-in for Eclipse. It integrates for us very charming into the workflow and is a good help when developing PixelBender kernels. I have put up a tutorial and instructions at this page. Features of the PBDT plug-in include code completion, syntax highlightning and some other nifty features. It can be […]

Massive amounts of 3D particles without Alchemy and PixelBender

As a response to Ralph Hauwert’s article I created a little example of what can be achieved using plain ActionScript 3 syntax. Ralph has put up a great example of how you can wire things like Alchemy, ActionScript and PixelBender together to achieve an astonishing result. However I asked myself if it is possible to […]