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What the FUI?

Talking about FUI. What is FUI? It is a framework for fast device GUI creation. This means it does not imply a fancy ComboBox or stuff like that. Sliders, Knobs, Triggers and LEDs is what FUI is about. Originally André Michelle had the idea to create a tile-based and skinable system which uses a simple […]

popforge sprintf

The upcomming FUI framework needs strong string formatters to bind parameters on labels for instance. Using the sprintf syntax is easy and very powerful in that case. Just imagine you can format and bind your parametes with labels in one easy step like fui.connect( ‘label’, new Formatter( ‘Volume: %.2f\nBPM: % 4i’, volume, bpm ) );. […]

Furnace format

There was a quiet additon to the popforge repository. It is our own file format to put your library in a single file. Basically it is just like a zip file. The format is built buy a header, item headers and items. This way it is very easy to navigate through the file and also […]

Share the love! Popforge arrives.

ActionScript mastermind André Michelle and me are working very often on beautiful experiments. On our hard-drives sleeps the brainpower of long after hours work and now we are finally at a point where we want to share our work with the community. Popforge is our nifty sandbox for ideas and projects. It contains several packages […]

8bitboy – Back to the roots :o)

Finally André Michelle posted an article about the top-secret world’s most shocking rich-internet-application ever. Ladys and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce the 8bitboy. Since I really like 8bit music I am happy, proud and estatic to find some pieces of my own code in this project. It was very hard to get André working […]