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Papervision3D Public Beta

Papervision3D is now in public beta mode. It has been in development for 7 months now with public access to the SVN for everyone who liked to check it out. This is a pretty stable release. Old users will have to change their SVN address since it is hosted now at Google Code. Read more […]

Matrix Extrude

It has not as many features as a real matrix extrude but it looks smooth and organic. It is all calculated at runtime using a Sphere object of Papervision3D and then extruding some faces of it five times based on their face-normal rotated using the Matrix3D class.

Rotational Geometry

Turn on your mixer. Put some Papervision3D into it. Add some Imageprocessing, basic math and then push the button. Have fun with a spicy result. I created for this little example a new geometry object that can use any function and rotate that around a center which results in such a mesh. You know this […]

PV3D Demo: spinning spectrum

Still learning how to use Papervision3D and to make use of the full power it provides. Here is one of my first steps plus source-code. Update: Using more objects, more rotation and some imageprocessing stuff plus very basic UV mapping.

WiiFlash and Papervision3D

This is just an example from what I could put together last night. You see also LED support here and the use of motion data. Still very experimental but I hope you get the idea. Besides of that I am fighting with my blog because my theme is not working with WordPress 2.1. So I […]