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Massive amounts of 3D particles without Alchemy and PixelBender

As a response to Ralph Hauwert’s article I created a little example of what can be achieved using plain ActionScript 3 syntax. Ralph has put up a great example of how you can wire things like Alchemy, ActionScript and PixelBender together to achieve an astonishing result. However I asked myself if it is possible to […]

Alchemy, ActionScript and the ASC

Ralph Hauwert put a very interesting blog post up no his blog about Adobe Alchemy. Basically he was reading my mind with this post. I want to a step further now. But please keep in mind that I am definitly not a compiler expert or have deep knowledge of the Flash Player. Everything I write […]

Papervision3D Workshop in Cologne

Great news! Papervision3D developer Ralph Hauwert will come to Cologne to do a two days workshop. I think it is by far the best opportunity to learn more about Papervision and it is great that we will have Ralph here since most of the Papervision3D workshops from the core-team were always outside of Germany. The […]