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TAAS As A Decompiler

The TAAS compiler is different from the ActionScript compiler since its input is not ActionScript source code but already compiled SWF or SWC files. Just like the haXe compiler can output AS3 instead of a SWF the TAAS compiler can do the same. Now if you add one and one together you see that the […]


Another spinoff from my current library to optimize SWF/SWC files. Reducer is a tool that will make SWF and SWC files significantly smaller. There is currently a huge problem with filesizes. If you use the [Embed] tag with PNG images they are not compressed at all. For the Hobnox AudioTool we have been using the […]

Compiling dependent SWF files

Last night I spent about 9 hours writing a build script for the AudioTool allowing us to compile each plugin into its own SWF container. I think it is the first time a Flash project is taking more than 5 minutes for me to compile completly. I figured out that it is definitly not easy […]