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How JITB converts ActionScript to Java

One of the biggest challenges when writing a program like JITB is to convert ActionScript to Java. There are major differences between ActionScript 3.0 and Java 1.6 which JITB currently targets. ActionScript 3.0 is a dynamically typed language with function closures. Furthermore it has native XML support, scope-changes, implicit getters and setters etc. The main […]

So I Recorded A New Video

This time recorded on Ubuntu. Did I mention 64bit already? Do not miss my session at FOTB for a live demo.

Macro Expansion

Apparat has another new feature called Macro Expansion. I talked about this with Nico Zimmermann at FFK in Cologne. Nico was using TDSI for a project but he was not very satisfied with it because you have to inline all inverse-square root tricks manually. This is why Apparat has now macro expansion. I am actually […]

Polyglott Programming On The AVM2

Take some time and think about this tweet for a moment. It took me a while to realize that Joel Hooks is right. I was embaressed of myself. How could I forget about that? But I had also a big smile on my face at the same same time. Let me explain why. The Java […]

TAAS As A Decompiler

The TAAS compiler is different from the ActionScript compiler since its input is not ActionScript source code but already compiled SWF or SWC files. Just like the haXe compiler can output AS3 instead of a SWF the TAAS compiler can do the same. Now if you add one and one together you see that the […]