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Apparat is now Open Source

The full source code of Apparat is now available at GoogleCode. It is the whole framework behind TDSI and Reducer. Apparat is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please contact me if you want to contribute to this project. Maybe someone is interested in writing an Ant task for Reducer? I am also […]


Another spinoff from my current library to optimize SWF/SWC files. Reducer is a tool that will make SWF and SWC files significantly smaller. There is currently a huge problem with filesizes. If you use the [Embed] tag with PNG images they are not compressed at all. For the Hobnox AudioTool we have been using the […]

This is an outrage!

First of all I think I have to clarify at least one thing. I have criticised Adobe in the past for a lof of reasons. Not because I do not like them or the technologies they produce but because I want to improve the Flash Platform. This is of course pure self-interest since Flash is […]

TDSI Examples

Everyone likes examples. So here are three examples using TDSI. The archive includes a ready-to-go FDT project with post-compile ANT tasks configured. Example01 This is the old code of the already optimized attractor using the Memory API instead of a Vector.<uint>. Example02 In this case there exists no Particle class at all and no linked […]


I am definitly not good at choosing names for software projects. However TurboDieselSportInjection is a release of my experiments from yesterday. It is a spinoff from the whole framework and allows you to inline __bytecode and of course to use the new Memory API. Hopefully you are kind enough to provide me with some feedback. […]