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WiiFlash released!

Here it is.

WiiFlash now open-source

Today we announced that WiiFlash goes open-source. Read more at wiiflash.org.

WiiFlash API Demo

Thibault posted a new video about our WiiFlash project. He is talking about how to use it and showing some stuff of the API which is very easy to use and very lightweight. Read the post on wiiflash.org

WiiFlash and Papervision3D

This is just an example from what I could put together last night. You see also LED support here and the use of motion data. Still very experimental but I hope you get the idea. Besides of that I am fighting with my blog because my theme is not working with WordPress 2.1. So I […]

WiiFlash: Wiimote in Flash on a PC

Last saturday I was driving to Concorde to get some Macaron. Unfortunately there were so many tourists (har!) that it was impossible to get this nice little pieces from heaven. I wanted to get them because I was meeting Thibault. He showed me a Wiimote and had a lot of crazy stuff in his mind. […]